• Monsoon


    A monsoon dust storm hits downtown Phoenix.

  • Hut TV

    Hut TV

    A rural Cambodian woman watches a soap opera in her hut as her daughter sleeps. There is no running water, sanitation, heat or cooling devices in the makeshift shelter.

  • Muscle man

    Muscle man

    National Physique Committee House of Fitness Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Cahmpionships held at Civic Plaza, Phoenix.

  • Homeless Helper

    Homeless Helper

    Nurse Kay Jarrell comforts a homeless woman named Shelly at a camp near the salt river bed. Jarrell makes rounds to aid the homeless in the area, providing for their physical and emotional needs.

  • Flood Rescue

    Flood Rescue

    Scottsdale Fire Department crew members rescue a man from the flood waters crossing Indian Bend road..

  • Limbo


    A Limbo dancing contest at Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary School in Ahwatukee.

  • Soldiers return

    Soldiers return

    Sgt. Joseph Copeland is overwhelmed with joy and tears as he sees his son Ethan after being gone for a year in Iraq.

  • Pool


    Pool hall near the ASU campus on Mill Ave., Tempe,AZ.

  • Outstretched hands

    Outstretched hands

    Children look for a handout in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • McCain


    A weary John Mc Cain gets a hug from wife Cindy after a political rally.

  • Soccer ball face

    Soccer ball face

    Queen Creek High School soccer goalie James Carew during practice.

  • Mask glasses

    Mask glasses

    Bright Beginning Charter school student, Kohl is reflected in the mirror glasses he placed on his mask. Students made masks as part of the "face tolerence" project, an art project to promote acceptance of others and celebrate diversity.

  • KKK 1

    KKK 1

    A klu klux klan rally attempts to create fear outside a church with a black congregation in Marietta, Georgia.

  • KKK 2

    KKK 2

    Three black boys peer out of the church window at the burning KKK cross near the entrance.

  • KKK  3

    KKK 3

    A klan member is illuminated by a burning cross meant to cause terror to a black community in Marietta, GA.

  • kickboxer


    World Amateur Kickboxing champion Marla Conrad spars with a student at the NK1 fitness gym.

  • Wrestlers


    Wrestlers face off during a match,

  • Camel Kiss

    Camel Kiss

    Up close and personal with a camel.

  • Ballet pastel

    Ballet pastel

    The Nutcracker Suite ballet.

  • Ball toss

    Ball toss

    A family plays ball toss at the Chandler, AZ July 4th celebration.

  • Angel


    Grieving at the funeral of Angel Carbajal; who was shot to death in a bar fight.

  • Ananda


    Ananda Meditation retreat, Nevada City, CA.