Environmental Portrait

  • Mystery Writer

    Mystery Writer

    Gini Hartzmark with one of the murder mystery novels she has written.

  • Sherriff Joe

    Sherriff Joe

    Former Phoenix Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

  • Bianca


    Bianca on a wooded trail near Sacramento, CA.

  • Terbush


    Painter of light artist Dale Terbush in his Scottsdale studio.

  • Spidey


    Jon with his pet tarantula.

  • Actor Dennis Quaid

    Actor Dennis Quaid

    Dennis Quaid at the Sanctuary in Phoenix.

  • Two faces of Wounded soldier

    Two faces of Wounded soldier

    Robert Bartlett of Scottsdale is home after months of surgery to repair his face and eye badly injured by an IED in Iraq. His injured face is reflected against a mirror in his father's Chandler home.He has no regrets and would go back in a minute to finish what he started.

  • Scar  child

    Scar child

    Street child in Phnom Penh.

  • New baby

    New baby

    New baby boy.

  • Debbie with Daisies

    Debbie with Daisies

    Debbie with Daisies.

  • Beyers Farrell Law

    Beyers Farrell Law

    Beyers and Farrell Law partners.

  • Biker Alan

    Biker Alan

    Biker Alan Bunnell at Scorpion Gulch, AZ.

  • Kristi Staab

    Kristi Staab

    RockStar Life coach, Kristi Staab.

  • Film guy

    Film guy

    Vintage film photographer.

  • Schizophrenia


    Childhood schizophrenia.

  • Homeless hair

    Homeless hair

    Homeless man in Phoenix.

  • Abeja Girls

    Abeja Girls

    Abeja Solutions consulting team.

  • J. Fought

    J. Fought

    Desert portrait of golf pro J. Fought.

  • Head shots

    Head shots

    Head shot variety.