A Day in the life of an Animal Shelter ›

Maricopa County has the second highest turn in rate of unwanted animals in the United States. The total number of animals taken in on this “slow” Saturday at the Arizona Humane Society came to 212. One reason is out of control breeding. Failure to spay and neuter results in too many unwanted animals waiting for a loving home.

Saving Souls and Equipping Saints: Joyce Meyer Conference ›

Minister and evangelist Joyce Meyer takes her message to jam-packed venues throughout the US and abroad, preaching the gospel to those who are eager to receive it. Her television and radio programs are broadcast in 200 countries and she has written over 70 books on Christianity.

Cambodia: Lives in Waste ›

Over 2,000 people call the Stung Meanchey Dump in Phnom Penh Cambodia home. The residents sift through trash seven days a week, looking for anything of value to sell as a means of survival.

Welcome Home Baby! ›

Midwife and mother of 12 Claudine Calligan assists in the delivery of new lives into the world, including some of her own grandchildren.